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NEW: As of Sept 10/15, I am reconsidering taking new submissions. For now, no new submissions are accepted. I have provided this site for years free of charge and helped many build their practice for free. Due to me taking the time to track down nurses across the country even though their listings have expired, I have decided I can no longer do this for nurses or their clients.

I have funded this site, built it, written articles and provided resources with funds out of my own pocket now for 8 years. I no longer practice foot care, but felt that it is such a needed service and provides opportunities for nurses to be self-employed that I keep it going.

I am passionate about nursing and love innovation and entrepreneurialism. I welcome your feedback. Thank you for your patronage.

You MUST include your credentials in your listing. List your post-nominal letters after your name. Please note that in Canada, foot care nurses do not write a certification exam as they do in the USA, CFCN are not valid post-nominal letters in Canada. Podiatrists are welcome and encouraged to list as well.  Other foot health related businesses may list as well, such as foot care courses, podiatry suppliers/tools, orthotic suppliers, home nursing services, senior living, First Aid courses,  aesthetic spa services etc.  If you want a new category, send us an email.

 Listings are only $5.95 a month, cancel any time. Get one visit from a customer and it will potentially pay for itself  10 times over. Or…choose a yearly membership at reduced cost, cancel anytime after a year.  See below for details. So sign up, there’s nothing to lose but potential customers! Adding a photo to your ad makes it stand out.

Important: After your listing is submitted, it will NOT show up,  it will first go to the administrator for approval, then when approved, it will appear in the listings and under “show ad”.  After submission you will receive an email with your ID and your numerical password so that you can edit your listing. Our site would appreciate you adding a back-link to our directory from your business website. Just copy and paste onto your website page this link:

* Important: Write your web address in the submission form like this: Don’t forget to add a photo, it makes your ad stand out. People identify with an image more than words.