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Foot Care Documentation and Charting

Sometimes it’s nice to have a set document to help and guide a patient’s progress and assessment.  Although this is no substitute for  clinical expertise, and does not negate the need for a team approach to foot care, that includes a whole gamut of professionals such as physicians, podiatrists, chiropodists, foot care nurses, diabetologists, pedorthists, physios, the list goes on… and on, it is a way to help communicate  findings when referring on to other professionals and monitoring care.

Some sample documents are below. Various resources including the NICE Guidelines and others listed below have gone into making the document. Included are charts, diagrams, ulcer risk, blood sugar, falls risk (this could be improved on, more research needed), cardiometabolic risk (abdominal girth), also note increased risk if female had D cups or larger at age 18- higher risk for developing type 2 diabetes,  etc.

Warning:  Any health care professional viewing, using or adapting these documents must ensure the accuracy of the information therein and ensure that the guidelines are the most up to date, evidence based research available. These documents can not be construed as medical guidance or advice, they are only a sample and the evidence based research must be researched and confirmed by any health care personnel accessing them or using them.  They are only a framework for further discussion and should be thoroughly researched. Please confer with your local practice group and professional counsel, college, association etc. to explore the documents for validity. Use at your own risk and liability. By downloading, viewing or using these documents you agree not to hold Find A Foot Nurse liable.

Daily Foot Care Calendar with reminders

Patient assessment 4 pages Open Office Document

Patient assessment 4 pages Word format

Assessing for Risk of Falls pdf

Sample Admission form for foot care clients


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