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Hi Foot Care Nurses!

Having a “business card” website is not too difficult a process to set up. It is a handy place to list information about your business. Instead of people trying to remember your name, your phone number or business name, a website provides an easy way to locate your business and lead them to finding out the details of your business.

You can use free online website builders through some very easy to use templates.

Here are a few:


Wix  : a flash platform which is pretty fancy, you cannot back up your site on this website; what you can do is use the “save as” function and create a duplicate of your site on Wix so that in case for some reason you mess up the first site by deleting it all, you have a copy. (Just learned this fact recently , after someone I know did just this. So sad!)

WordPress.org ( a very comprehensive builder, more for the intermediate computer user)

WordPress.com ( a simple “blog” site that is hosted on WordPress.com)

Some steps to setting up your site:

Step 1: You will need to find a domain name. You can search for available domain names (the name of the website address that people will type in to find your site, kind of like your house address) Have a look at GoDaddy, you can search for domain names there. If you just want to use a domain name through a free blog such a wordpress.com, you won’t have to purchase a domain or pay hosting fees.

A word about domain names, choose a name that represents your business, not too long or difficult to type, easy to remember and does not have words in that could be spelled multiple ways. For example: aronsfootcare.com could also be spelled arron, or aran, or eron. You get the idea. I don’t like dashes or underscores or any other fiddly bits that make it confusing for people.  Think about including the city, such as reginafootcare for example as a possibility.  Think also about keywords in your domain name, such as foot, feet etc. Think very carefully, and don’t hurry the process.

A word about emails: create a separate business email that includes the name of your site, such as reginafootnurse@gmail.com or whatever.

Step 2:  Once you have registered and paid for your domain name, (it will cost you about 12 bucks or more a year) , you can think about building a site.

Step 3: Have a look at the website builders, play around with the templates and maybe find a friend to help you. Remember to keep it simple, text is best in black and not too long across a page.

Step 4: Once you are satisfied with your design, you only need one page to keep it simple. Don’t forget to list your contact info, including email and phone number as well as display your website name, and a link to your site so that people can copy it and remember it. I’ve seen many sites where they don’t list the city or town they are practicing in. List your city so people know immediately where your foot care practice is located.  Also list your credentials, I see this is often missing on many sites.

Step 5: Once your website is built you are going to have to point your newly built website to your domain name. Sometimes, when using free website builders, you have to use their domain name with in the website address, for example www.nursefootyfoot./wix.com.  Which is fine but you may not want that so you can adjust your settings on your Godaddy account to forward your domain with masking to your domain name: www.nursefootyfoot.com so that the wix.com doesn’t show up in the address.  This might affect the search engine rankings however.

Step 6:  Don’t forget to include your website address on your business cards! Post it on community boards for easy access and post your website address on your car door with a door magnet!  See Vista Printing, it’s cheap!!!! You can also get a whole gamut of marketing gear here!

Step 7: You can also create Facebook page for you business

Step 8: Submit your site to various search engines such a google, bing etc. and other free business directories such as Find A Foot Nurse

Step 9: If you are having too much difficulty you may need to ask for help from a website builder. Shop around, don’t let them register your domain name for you , you don’t want them having the rights to your domain name, and also make sure that they provide you a backup copy of your site to you at all times.  They may charge you for maintenance fees, make sure you know what they are. Ask for any hidden costs.

You may have to pay to host your website in some cases, shop around for this as well. Hosting companies are a place where your website lives. It sits on their server.

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