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Find A Foot Nurse©! The website that connects foot care clients with foot care nurses and and related businesses in Canada and the USA. Let us help you find a foot care nurse to care for your feet. It’s much more than just a pedicure!

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NEW: As of Sept 10/15, I am reconsidering taking new submissions. For now, no new submissions are accepted. I have provided this site for years free of charge and helped many build their practice for free. Due to me taking the time to track down nurses across the country even though their listings have expired, I have decided I can no longer do this for nurses or their clients.

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General Information

What is a foot care nurse?  A foot care nurse is a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse (in the states the type of nurse can differ), who has taken in addition to their formal training as a nurse, specialized training in foot care. They work along with a team of health care professionals such as family doctors, podiatrists, chiropodists,  ulcer clinics, physiotherapists, and others to help keep a person mobile and decrease their risk of developing foot ulcers which can lead to amputation. Read more on what foot care nurses do….

What is a podiatrist? ( definition from the American Podiatric Medical Association)

“A podiatrist is a doctor of podiatric medicine (DPM), also known as a podiatric physician or surgeon, qualified by their education and training to diagnose and treat conditions affecting the foot, ankle and related structures of the leg. Podiatrists are uniquely qualified among medical professionals to treat the foot and ankle based on their education, training and experience.Read more on What a Podiatrist does…

What’s with our feet and why do we need foot care? (from “Foot Care Nurse.com“)

“We often ignore our feet, yet they take years of abuse and neglect as they carry our weight while we walk, hike, run, dance and ski. We wear constrictive foot wear that place the bones of the foot in an unnatural position. Shoes and our inherited bone structure play an important part in the development of deformities or calluses on the feet.

Research shows that individuals from third world countries who spend most of the time barefoot still develop bunions due to structural differences in the foot. This relation to body mechanics, gait, structural differences and inherent pathologies are evidence that shoes are not always the primary cause of such deformities but can most definitely exacerbate the cause.

A person’s gait can put undue stress on the joints as the alignment of bones and posture change with age and disease. Feet have more bones, ligaments, nerves and vessels than the rest of the body making them a wondrous and complicated testament to the workings of the human form; a feat in the biomechanics and engineering that is yet to be duplicated artificially (excuse the pun).

So why is it important to take preventative action and practice good foot care?

1.) To keep us mobile!

Mobility is essential to the health of our body. With disease, age or structural problems, the foot’s bone structure changes to accommodate these structural differences which can lead to callus formation, bunions and other adaptations to stress and disease.

2) To prevent ulcers leading to Amputation!

There is a saying that states ” a callous is an ulcer waiting to happen.”  Those with diabetes, vascular or neuromuscular challenges are at particular risk for developing ulcers which can lead to other complications such as infection and worst of all amputation. Current research is pointing to preventative foot care as an integral part of ulcer and amputation prevention. Foot Care nurses play an vital role in assessment and monitoring of potential problems that could lead to complications. Cracks between the toes, slow healing cuts and sores, thick nails that can hide festering ulcers underneath are just a few of the clues nurses look for.”

 We are just starting this service, so please be patient while the listings continue to grow.

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